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The End of the Hunt Balancing Act Three Sides to Everything
The End of the Hunt was published in the Journal of Microliterature on January 23, 2011. The above link will take you to the story on their site. Balancing Act was published in the Journal of Microliterature on December 28, 2014. The above link will take you to the story on their site. Three Side to Everything will be published in the Journal of Microliterature on March 29, 2015. The link will be added when the story is published.

The End of the Hunt is about a boy that is belittled and pushed too far by his overbearing father and the consequences of those actions.

Balancing Act is a Christmas story.

Three Sides to Everything is told from three points of view: Ron's, Leila's, and Reality's.

Excerpt from The End of the Hunt:

Evan stood over the quail, watched it blink. It wouldn’t live. Not gut shot. The bird blinked and blinked again. Evan brought his boot heel down hard, bent over, picked up the bird. It was mostly feathers, not worth taking back. He tossed the carcass into the bushes.

Excerpt from Balancing Act:

Her name was Mary, her mother said, like the Virgin, which Mary always hated. Not the Virgin. The reminder her mother felt compelled to say to keep Mary on the right path, although they weren't Catholic, barely Protestant, and it had been a month of Sundays—however long that is—since they last went to church.

Excerpt from Three Sides to Everything:


Ron knew what was coming. He knew that look, that walk, the way Leila’s legs moved, arms swung, hair swished from side-to-side. There was nowhere to go to escape the anger that hurtled toward him.


Leila walked toward Ron. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, part shuffle, part sway. She stopped in front of him.


Leila stepped outside. Ron stood in the shadows of the yard at the corner of the house. Leila walked toward him. A moth flew near her face. She swatted it away, caught the ends of her hair between her fingers, and flipped the curls over her shoulder.


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