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Driving Into the Sun Teenage Vegan Vampire

A draft of Driving Into the Sun is completed and currently going through final changes.

Teenage Vegan Vampire is a five-minute script for two actors.

Excerpt from Driving Into the Sun:


It's not quite dark enough for streetlights to come on. Houses line one side of the street. The other side is lined with trees and bushes and a freeway sound barrier wall. Lights in houses are starting to turn on. COACH and MICHAEL, are seen from behind, in silhouette, walking along the sidewalk. MICHAEL is dressed in sweats, carrying a gym bag. He is seventeen, tall, and thin. COACH is wearing sweatpants and a jacket. His hands are inside his jacket pockets. COACH is in his fifties, a high school phys ed teacher and coach since his twenties. They come to a pedestrian tunnel which crosses under the freeway. The tunnel lights are off. MICHAEL enters the tunnel. They wave goodbye. COACH continues on.


The office is a bland, monochrome cube farm. SOUNDS OF OFFICE: phones, talking, tapping on keyboards. An office door swings violently open. SOUND of door hitting wall. DAVID HAMILTON appears in the doorway. DAVID is a large man in his late thirties, starting to grow a gut, but still intimidating in size and personality, and he knows it.

DAVID: (yells at top of lungs) Matt Skovic!


MATT pulls his car to the curb, lights off, and exits car, closing door softly. He walks quickly toward the pedestrian tunnel, sticking to the shadows, a tire iron is clenched in his hand. He is average in build, height, and demeanor, someone who can easily blend into a crowd without being noticed. COACH can be seen walking in the distance. MATT slips into the tunnel, unseen. Several moments pass. MATT runs from tunnel, tire iron in hand, and the tunnel lights blink on dimly as he gets in his car and drives away.


Staff meeting. Several people sit around the conference table. DAVID stands at the front of the room.

DAVID: (yelling) This is the second time this month you've missed the deadline. You're a disgrace to this department and this company. Matt, one more mistake and you're out of here. And, that goes for all of you.

Pauses for emphasis. Looks around the table stopping on MATT.

DAVID (CONT'D): When I ask for something, I want it when I say I want it, not sooner, not later, but when I say I want it.

DAVID looks away from MATT and looks at the faces around the table.

DAVID (CONT'D): Matt doesn't seem to understand the concept of time. That's why we have clocks and calendars. You know how to read a clock and calendar, don't you Matt? Don't answer. It's redundant.

DAVID directs his glare at MATT, then swivels his head quickly to glare at JEAN, a thin, timid woman in her early forties.

DAVID (CONT'D): And, Jean.

Excerpt from Teenage Vegan Vampire:


DAUGHTER is sitting at a table drinking what appears to be blood in a glass. A moment later, MOTHER enters, stops, looks at DAUGHTER.

MOTHER: Whatís that youíre drinking?

DAUGHTER: (hiding glass) Nothing.

MOTHER: Is that blood?

DAUGHTER: NoĖ I mean, yes.

MOTHER: Wait a minute. Thatís not blood.

DAUGHTER: Yes, it is.

MOTHER: No, itís not. What is it?

DAUGHTER: Okay. Itís not.

MOTHER: (looking closely at glass) Vegetable juice?

DAUGHTER: Iím making a lifestyle change.

MOTHER: Say what?

DAUGHTER: Iíve decided to become a vegan. Iím on a strict juice cleanse.


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